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Casa Valduga - Desde 1875
Casa Valduga - Desde 1875



Casa Valduga labels are awarded by the Descorchados Guide 2019

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This week, tastings of the Descorchados Guide 2019 were held in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The events are among the most awaited in the Brazilian wine calendar.

The Descorchados Guide is a reference in the universe of wines of South America and is used as one of the main tools of consultation by sommeliers, buyers and admirers of wines and sparkling wines. In the 2019 edition were more than three thousand labels tasted from 150 Argentine wineries, 190 Chilean, 30 Uruguayan and 40 Brazilian wineries.

One of the highlights of Casa Valduga in the guide was the sparkling Sur Lie with 94 points, which won the awards for Best Sparkling, Best Sparkling Nature, Best Sparkling Traditional Method and Best of the Vineyards Valley.

For the second year in a row, South Lie was chosen as the best sparkling wine in South America by Guia Descorchados, evidencing the quality of the product. Sur Lie was also chosen as the best sparkling wine in Latin America by Guia Catad'Or 2019. Besides being the Best Wine of Brazil 2018/2019 according to the Wine Cellar Guide.

Launched in 2018, the sparkling 130 Brut Rosé scored 92 points, was voted the Best Brut Sparkling (shared) and was among the Best Sparklers of the Traditional Method, as well as being among the Best Rosés Sparkling Wine and the Best in the Vale dos Vinhedos.

Other labels of the brand that were also awarded are RSV Blush, 130 Blanc de Blanc, 130 Brut and RSV Brut, which reached 91 points; 130 Blanc de Noir with 90 points. Naturele Moscatel, with 89 points, and Arte Brut, with 88 points. The wines that had high scores were Terroir Cabernet Franc, with 90 points; Terroir Gewurztraminer with 89 points. Terroir Sauvignon Blanc, Exclusive Terroir Viognier with 88 points, and finally Terroir Merlot Rosé and Origin Merlot with 87 points.

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