Casa Valduga - Desde 1875

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Logotipo Casa Valduga
Casa Valduga - Desde 1875

Famiglia Valduga:
from its Italian roots to the realization of a dream

At the end of the 19th century, in 1875, the first immigrants of the Famiglia Valduga landed in Brazil. Coming from the city of Rovereto, in northern Italy, they cultivated the first vineyards in the heart of what is now Vale dos Vinhedos, thus beginning the legacy of one of the most renowned names in Brazilian vitiviniculture.

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Animação Famiglia Valduga 1
Animação Famiglia Valduga 2
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Quatro Gerações

After 140 years, four generations later the patriarch Luiz Valduga idealized a great dream:

To build the best winery in Brazil. With the help of his sons, tradition was combined with the most modern techniques for the production of fine wines. The investments in technology grew and the recognition made Casa Valduga one of the most appreciated wineries in Brazil. Today a symbol of excellence, the family winery continues to be commanded by the brothers Erielso, Juarez and João Valduga, who together with their children continue to transmit their passion for wine.

Casa Valduga:
“Insistence, persistence, and not giving up”


To talk about Casa Valduga, it is necessary to glimpse its main values: family work and constant innovation.

Creativity is part of the Valduga genes, as well as determination and willpower to make dreams come true.

From the first Valduga, who left Italy and came to America, to the 3rd generation, which today manages Casa Valduga, these values are still present and can be appreciated by those who dive into this enchanting world full of stories to tell.

Casa Valduga 1
Casa Valduga 2
Casa Valduga 3

The avant-garde vision,
the elegant design,
the high technology applied
and, above all
family values
mark the construction of this company.

The continuous effort is one of the family's greatest prides, which today consolidates Casa Valduga as the leading brand in the luxury wines and sparkling wines segment.

“Before you make two bottles of wine,
make one, but well made.”

Filosofia 1

Since the beginning of its its history, Casa Valduga has always has always excelled for quality

The patriarch and founder, Luiz Valduga, used to say: “Make one well-made bottle of wine before two bad ones“. Together with his sons, he has gained confidence and established important partnerships that allow the company to grow in the market, and above all, he has established relationships based on reciprocal respect.

Filosofia 2
Filosofia 3
Filosofia 4

Mission, vision and values:
what drives us



To offer the consumer, high quality wines, sparkling wines and services, developing business opportunities, providing prestige and innovative experiences, in a family environment and with sustainability.



To be recognized as the best Brazilian winery capable of exceeding all expectations in the elaboration of iconic wines and sparkling wines.



  • Ethics;
  • Authentic Quality;
  • Constant innovation
  • Reinvestment;
  • Environment/family work;
  • Developing products of excellence;
  • Determination;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Excellence with simplicity;
  • Valuing people and teamwork.

International recognition:
international exports and awards

Reconhecimento Internacional

The brand that has already conquered Brazil, is present in more than in more than 20 countries, in the five continents.

It harmonizes tradition with technology, and continues to surprise palates around the world with unparalleled flavor and quality. Casa Valduga collects more than 300 prizes in national and international competitions, and is prestigious in countries such as France, England, Spain, United States, and Argentina.

Sparkling wines
Reference in the area of elaboration
of sparkling wines in Brazil

Espumantes 1
Espumantes 2

Following the traditions of the the Champagne region in France France, the winery dedicates special special attention to the elaboration its sparkling wines.

To result in high quality labels, the maturation process takes place in the winery's underground sparkling wine cellar, considered to be the largest in Latin America, with a capacity for more than six million bottles. Among the stars of the portfolio, two labels are world renowned: Brut 130, the brand's icon, and Maria Valduga, regarded as the jewel of Brazilian sparkling wine.

Casa Valduga Terroirs:
Identity, tradition and quality in every bottle

Terroirs Casa Valduga 1
Produção em Três Regiões

Casa Valduga has expanded
its borders and,
currently, concentrates its
production in three regions
in the south of Brazil:

Vale dos Vinhedos - Leopoldina
Southeast Sierra - Identity
Campanha – Roots

These terroirs are dedicated to sparkling wines, reds, whites and rosés.

Such as the iconic Leopoldina Gran Chardonnay, from the first Denomination of Origin of Wines in Brazil, the D.O. Vale dos Vinhedos, the red wines Raízes Gran Corte, from Campanha Gaúcha, and Identidade Gran Corte, from Encruzilhada do Sul, regions located in the southeastern mountains of Rio Grande do Sul.


The red wines for ageing are matured in French oak barrels and at the end of the period are moved to the underground cellars, built for the perfect maturation of icons such as Storia Merlot and Villa Lobos Cabernet Sauvignon.

Terroirs Casa Valduga 2
Terroirs Casa Valduga 3
Terroirs Casa Valduga 4
Terroirs Casa Valduga 5

Sustainability and Technology

Grapes are the heart of Casa Valduga. Without great fruit, none of what we taste today would be possible. The winery invests heavily in technology, research, and monitoring of the vineyards to ensure high quality fruit.

The grapes come from the best terroirs of Rio Grande do Sul. However, perfect and healthy fruit is not enough, respect and attention to the land and nature itself are fundamental for the best labels. That is why Casa Valduga only uses agrochemical materials that are duly regulated within the norms established by the Ministry of Agriculture, prioritizing suppliers that work with the same respect and seriousness.

Sustentabilidade e Tecnologia


Part of the hectares belonging to the Famiglia Valduga Group in Encruzilhada do Sul in the Serra do Sudeste region are destined to research of adaptation and development of new varieties. The oenologist and owner-partner João Valduga, after years as a researcher at EMBRAPA, applies his knowledge and personally follows the development of the vineyards.

Constant investments in technology have taken the humble owners from the interior of Rio Grande do Sul back to their European origins. Today, the calloused hands of the past work together with what is most modern in winemaking.

The machinery specially developed for wineries and acquired in countries with great experience, such as Germany, Italy, and France, guarantees the quality of the wines and sparkling wines produced.

Tecnologia 1
Tecnologia 2
Tecnologia 3
Tecnologia 4
Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente 1

Sustainability and

The effort to do business in a serious way brings responsibility for the impact of our actions on society and the environment.

Among the preservation and awareness actions, we highlight initiatives such as the use of rainwater as an affluent and the novel electrostatic spraying, which reduces the use of water and agrochemicals by 50%. We also seek to know and respect the characteristics of the soil and surroundings, to ensure the best performance while respecting the needs and characteristics of each terrain.

Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente 2
Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente 3
Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente 4

Being part of a better world includes respecting nature and enjoying the best moments in life, and this is where Casa Valduga makes a point of being present.

Famiglia Valduga Group

Located in Vale dos Vinhedos, the group has international recognition not only for the quality of its products, but also for the awards won in important national and international competitions.