Casa Valduga - Desde 1875

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Logotipo Casa Valduga
Casa Valduga - Desde 1875

Famiglia Valduga:
from its Italian roots
to the realization
of a dream

At the end of the 19th century, in 1875, the first Italian immigrant of the Valduga family arrived in Brazil. From the city of Rovereto, in northern Italy, they cultivated the first grapevines in the very heart of what is todayVale dos Vinhedos, or the Valley of Vineyards, thereby giving root to the legacy of one of Brazil's most renowned winemakers.

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Animação Famiglia Valduga 1
Animação Famiglia Valduga 2
Animação Famiglia Valduga 3
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Quatro Gerações

Four generations
and 140 years later,
family patriarch Luiz Valduga
had a dream:

To develop the very best vineyard in Brazil. With the help of his children, tradition was combined with the most modern techniques for the production of fine wines. Investments in technology increased and with it grew the acknowledgment of Casa Valduga as one of the most highly regarded vineyards in Brazil. A benchmark in excellence, the family-run winery is still run my brothers Erielso, Juarez and João Valduga, who, together with their children, continue to spread this passion for wine.

Casa Valduga:
“Insistence, persistence and never desistance”


To speak of Casa Valduga, we must look to its main principles: working as a family and constant innovation.

Creativity runs in the veins of the Valduga family, as does determination and the desire to turn dreams into reality. Since the first Valduga, who left Italy to travel to the Americas, up to the third generation, which runs Casa Valduga today, these values have remained constant and can be appreciated by those who delve into this enchanting world filled with history.

Casa Valduga 1
Casa Valduga 2
Casa Valduga 3

The foresight,
elegant design,
high technology and,
above all,
family values form
the foundation for
the construction of this company

Continued effort is one of the family's biggest sources of pride. Pride in the fact of having established Casa Valduga as the leading brand if in the luxury wine and sparkling wine industry.

“Before making two bottles of wine,
make one, but make it good.”

Filosofia 1

Since the start
of its trajectory,
Casa Valduga has always
striven for quality

“Rather make one bottle of good of wine than two bottles of bad wine” said the patriarch and founder, Luiz Valduga, who, along with his children, earned trust and established important partnerships that ensured the growth of the market and, above all, formed relationships based on mutual respect.

Filosofia 2
Filosofia 3
Filosofia 4

Mission, vision and values:
what drives us



Offer consumers high quality wines, sparkling wines and services, developing business opportunities, providing prestige and innovative experiences, within a family business environment and a focus on sustainability.



To be recognized as the best winery in Brazil, able to meet all expectations in terms of preparing iconic wines and sparkling wines.



  • Ethics;
  • Authentic quality;
  • Constant innovation;
  • Reinvestment;
  • Family business environment;
  • Create products of excellence;
  • Determination;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Excellence with simplicity;
  • Appreciation of people and team work.

International Recognition:
exportation and international awards

Reconhecimento Internacional

The brand that has
already won over
the preference of the Brazilian market is now present
in over 20 countries
on the five continents.

Harmonizing tradition with technology, and constantly seeking to surprise the world's most refined palates, with unmatchable flavor and quality. Casa Valduga boasts over 300 awards from national and international contests and is highly regarded in countries like France, England, Spain, the United States and Argentina.

Sparkling Wines
A benchmark prepararing sparkling wines in Brazil

Espumantes 1
Espumantes 2

Following the traditions of the
French region of Champagne,
the winery has paid special
attention to the preparation
of its sparkling wines.

It being one of the first Brazilian farms to master and develop the Traditional Method, also known as the méthode champenoise. To present labels of the highest quality, the maturation process occurs in an underground sparkling wine cellar, considered the largest in Latin America, and with a capacity to hold more than six million bottles. Among the stars on the portfolio, two labels are globally renowned: the Brut 130, the brand icon, and Maria Valduga, seen as the crowning jewel of Brazilian sparkling wines.

Identity, tradition and quality in each bottle

Terroirs Casa Valduga 1
Produção em Três Regiões

Casa Valduga has expanded
it frontiers and its production
is currently concentrated
in three regions
in the south of Brazil:

Vale dos Vinhedos – Leopoldina
Serra do Sudeste - Identidade
Campanha – Raízes

These terroirs are dedicated
to sparkling wines, reds, whites and rosés.

Such as the famed Gran Terroir Leopoldina Chardonnay D.O., from the first Appellation of Wines of Brazil, D.O. Vale dos Vinhedos, the reds Gran Terroir Raízes Corte, from Campanha Gaúcha, and Gran Terroir Identidade Corte, from Encruzilhada do Sul, regions located in the highlands of the southeast of Rio Grande do Sul.


The wines for aging mature in French oak barrels and are then passed on to an underground cellar, built to mature icons like Storia Merlot and Villa-Lobos Cabernet Sauvignon to perfection

Terroirs Casa Valduga 2
Terroirs Casa Valduga 3
Terroirs Casa Valduga 4
Terroirs Casa Valduga 5

Sustainability and Technology

The grape is the heart of Casa Valduga. Without great fruits, nothing of what we savor today would be possible. The winery strongly invests in technology, research and monitoring of their vineyards to guarantee fruits with a high quality standard.

The grapes come from one of the best terroirs of Rio Grande do Sul. However perfect and healthy fruits are not enough, the respect and the attention with the soil and with the own nature are fundamental to the best labels. That is why Casa Valduga uses uniquely agrochemical materials that are properly regulated inside the standards established by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, prioritizing the suppliers that work with the same respect and seriousness.

Sustentabilidade e Tecnologia


Part of the hectares that belong to the Famiglia Valduga Group in Encruzilhada do Sul located in the south east region of Serra Gaúcha, are destined to the adaption research and new varieties development. The oenologist and part-owner João Valduga, after several years acting as EMBRAPA’s (Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research) researcher, now applies his knowledge and conducts personally the vineyards development.

The constant investments in technology took the humble owners of the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul back to their European roots. Today, the hands calloused by the past work together with the most modern technology that exists in terms of vinification. The machinery specially developed to wineries, and acquired in countries that have a vast experience as Germany, Italy and France guarantees the quality of the wines and the sparkling wines elaborated.

Tecnologia 1
Tecnologia 2
Tecnologia 3
Tecnologia 4
Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente 1

and Environment

The effort to make business in a serious way brings back the responsibility of the impact of our actions in the society and in the environment. Between the actions of preservation and awareness, stand out the initiatives with the utilization of rain water as an affluent and the novelty in electrostatic pulverization, that reduces the use of water and agrochemicals in 50%. We also look for knowing and respecting the characteristics of the soil and its surroundings to guarantee the best performance, respecting the necessities and the characteristics of each land.

Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente 2
Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente 3
Sustentabilidade e Meio Ambiente 4

Making part of a better world includes respecting nature and seizing the best moments of life, and that is what Casa Valduga is all about.

Famiglia Valduga Group

Located in Vale dos Vinhedos, the group is internationally renowned for the quality of its products, but also the awards won in important national and international contests.

Fachada Casa Valduga

Casa Valduga

One of the pioneers in the utilization of champenoise method in Brazil, the winery is one of theresponsible for the international recognition of Brazilian sparkling wines, appearing on the list of the most renowned Brazilian wineries. After more than a century cultivating the terroirs of Vale dos Vinhedos, it has expanded their limits to extract the maximum expression of the Gaucho Countryside and Encruzilhada do Sul terroirs.


Domno was founded in 2008 in the city of Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul, the so called “sparkling wine’s land”, as the newest enterprising of Famiglia Valduga Group. Certain of the growth of wines and sparkling wines sector in Brazil, the Domno project characterizes itself for two business fronts: the importing of high standard wines and the sparkling wines elaboration that is already recognized by the consumers for its quality and elegance.

Fachada Domno
Fachada Casa Madeira

Casa Madeira

A company devoted to high gastronomy and to the most demanding palates in the world. Its portfolio originally composed only by grape juice, today has expanded and segmented to the high gastronomy environment with fancy balsamic creams, besides the jams that are still handmade, without losing its origins.