Casa Valduga - Desde 1875

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Casa Valduga - Desde 1875

History of the
First Wine tourism
Complex in Brazil

A pioneer in the introduction of Wine tourism to Vale dos Vinhedos, Casa Valduga started the Wine tourism complex in 1992, enabling tourists to explore the world of wine and all the customs associated with the culture of the first Italian immigrants to the region.

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In addition to the rich natural wonders and a dimly-lit visit to the underground wine cellars, a fascinating dining experience awaits visitors at the Maria Valduga restaurant, which features typical dished blended with the most emblematic wines of Brazil.

In an inspiring atmosphere, Casa Valduga welcomes its visitors with an amazing landscape, framed by the centuries old vineyards of one of the most award-winning wineries of Brazil.

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Políticas de Sustentabilidade

The Casa Valduga Inn, out of its concern for the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the location where it operates, introduced some working practices aimed at the rational use of the resources involved. These practices are carried out in conjunction with its suppliers and are designed to provide good service for guests and care for the community. Following are some of the practices adopted:

  • Reduced energy consumption: use of supplementary alternatives (solar energy), outdoor sensors and energy-saving cards;

  • Lower water consumption: awareness regarding the rational use of tap water and in the shower;

  • Change of bedding: for guests staying several days, the bedding is changed every three days. If the guest requests, the bedding will be changed daily;

  • Change of towels: like the bedding, towels will be changed every three days, unless the guest requests fresh towels daily;

  • Concern with supplies used: all suppliers have high quality standards for their products;

  • Organically-grown vegetables: all the condiments and salads served in the Maria Valduga Restaurant are grown on the complex, ensuring healthy foods served at your table;

  • Integration with the community and encouragement of local development: Casa Valduga cooperates with the touristic and urban development of Vale dos Vinhedos, promoting the local culture and providing opportunities for employment and growth for the community in which it operates.

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