Moscatel - 375ml
NV | 375 ml

Naturelle represents the history of Famiglia Valduga and the legacy of past generations. It is a rescue of the beautiful and simple. They are the deepest roots, the strongest foundation, the sweetest inspiration.
Produced from a rigid selection of grapes, Naturelle is the perfect balance between lightness and sweet taste.

  • Moscatel Sparkling Wine
  • Moscato
  • Vale dos Vinhedos
  • 4º a 6ºC
  • Desserts, pies, ice cream, fruits, chocolate fondue, appetizers

Delicately sweet, this sparkling wine has fine and constant perlage. Elegance is translated through intense, floral and fruity aromas, combined with the freshness and persistence taste.

Appereance: Greenish yellow color, clear and bright.

Bouquet: Intense aroma of fries and flowers, reminiscent of lychee, jasmine and peach.

Palate: Delicately sweet and refreshing. Good intensity and delicate creaminess. 

  • Gold - NV
    Gold Citadelles du Vin | França | 2014 NV
  • Prix Spécial - NV
    Prix Spécial Citadelles du Vin | França | 2014 NV
  • Gold - NV
    Gold Citadelles du Vin | França | 2015 NV
Technical sheet
Clone Varietal: VCR5
Clone Rootstock: P1103
Production System: Simple espalier
Density / ha: 4,000 plants
Type of Pruning: Cordon sloped catch
Load Gems / ha: 50.000
Winegrowing Practices: sprouting, topping, defoliation in the region of clusters, clusters thinning for production control.
Harvest: Manual and selective

- Table with manual selection of clusters;
- Stalk of fresh grapes;
- Discontinuous and gentle pressing;
- Static Cleaning the cold wort;
- Use of selected yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae;
- Alcoholic fermentation in pressure tank, with temperature of 12 to 14ºC;
- Stop fermentation to 7.5 ° GL alcohol, remaining a residual concentration of natural sugars;
- Filtration;
- Bottling and labeling.

Analytical report
Alcohol: Alcohol: 7.5%
Total Acidity: 110 meq/L of tartaric acid
Volatile Acidity: 4.33 meq/L of acetic acid
Density: 1.028
Dry Extract: 97.3 g/L
Total SO2: 95 mg/L
Free SO2: 21.1 mg/L
Total sugars in glucose: 65 g/L
pH: 3.03
Pressure: 6 kg/cm2