Merlot 2006
2006 | 750ml

The winery"s iconic wine is only made in exceptional vintages and has a limited production.
Purchase of this wine may be effected by preorder only. Each item is accompanied by an official certificate containing the bottle and batch numbers, guaranteeing the product"s exclusivity.

  • Dry Red Wine
  • Merlot
  • 18 months in cellar
  • Vale dos Vinhedos
  • 12 months in French oak
  • 16º to 20ºC.
  • Guard from 10 to 15 years. Provided it is maintained in the right conditions for full development.
  • 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Game meats, spicy cheeses, pasta with spicy sauces.

Sight: Clear and bright, intense and deep ruby red color and dense tears.   
Smell: A wine with a great personality, expressed in the olfactory notes all its finesse and complexity. Notes of ripe red fruits such as plum and figs, permeate the intense notes from aging in new French oak, which  reveales fascinating nuances of vanilla, coffee and chocolate.   
Taste: The maximum expression of the variety Merlot in Vale dos Vinhedos. Its ripe and velvety tannins support a rich wine, which extracts the full potential of the fruit. Each of its qualities is in perfect harmony across the wine, with a rich and powerful set, which is crowned by a magnificent end, long and persistent.

  • Gold - Safra 2006
    Gold Mondial du Merlot | Switzerland | 2010 Safra 2006
  • Gold - Safra 2006
    Gold Vivino Wine Style Awards Recongnizes | 2014 Awards Recongnizes Safra 2006
  • Gold - Safra 2006
    Gold Vivino Wine Style Awards Recognizes | 2010 Safra 2006
Technical sheet
Clone Varietal: Inra 18
Rootstock: 101-14
Terroir: Vale dos Vinhedos
Production System: Simple Espalier
Density/ha: 4.000 plantas
Type of prunning: Spur Cordon
Gems Load/ha: 33.000
Winegrowing Practices: Advanced agricultural technology, proper management of the canopy, thinning clusters for production control. sustainable and precision viticulture, respecting the environment.
Harvest: Manual and selective.

- Final selection of clusters; 
- Picking of fresh grapes; 
- Maceration cold pre-fermentation for 48 hours; 
- Use of selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts;  
- Alcoholic fermentation in temperature of 24 to 25 ° C; (75,2ºF-77ºF)
- Separation of the remaining solid part and the must;
- Malolactic fermentation; 
- Maturation for 18 months in new French oak barrels;
- Tartaric stabilization;
- Bottling;
- Thinning in the basement for 18 months.

Analytical report
Alcohol: 14,5%
Total Acidity: 5,5 g/l of tartaric acid
Volatile Acidity: 0,44 g/l of acetic acid
Density: 0,995
Dry Extract: 32,8 g/l
SO2 Total/Free: 0,078 / 0,033 g/l
Total sugars: 2,78 g/l
pH: 3,89