24 Months Sparkling Wine
750 ml

Elaborated with select Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, this exclusive sparkling wine symbolizes all the greatness of the traditional bottle refermentation method. It remains in yeast autolysis for 24 months in underground cellars.
  • Sparkling Wine Nature
  • 80% Chardonnay / 20% Pinot Noir
  • 24 months causing yeast autolysis
  • Serra do Sudeste
  • 6º to 8ºC
  • Guard until 5 years after dégorgement. Provided it is maintained in the right conditions for full development.
  • Seafood, fish, risottos and strong cheese.

Appereance: It has a straw yellow color with a fine and continuous perlage.

Bouquet: The complex aroma brings notes of citrus fruits and almonds.

Palate: Fullness arrives in the mouth brought by the frankness of the fruit and the unctuousness of the maturation on yeast.

  • 93 Points - NV
    93 Points Guia Descorchados | Chile | 2024 NV
  • Gold - NV
    Gold Effervescents du Monde | França | 2023 NV
  • 92 | Best Serra do Sudeste - NV
    92 | Best Serra do Sudeste Guia Adega | Brasil | 2023 NV
Technical sheet
Clone Varietal: Entav 96 | Inra 113
Rootstock: 3309 | 3309
Production System:  Simple Espalier
Density/ha: 4.000 plant
Type of pruning: Guyot
Bud Load/ha: 60.000
Viticultural Practices: Pruning, shoot hedging, defoliation in the area of the bunches, cluster thinning of bunches to control production.
Harvest: Manual and selective.

Traditional Method
Elaboration of the base wine
- Final selection of bunches;
- Direct pressing of fresh grapes - press with inert atmosphere;
- Clarification of the must;
- Use of selected yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae;
- Alcoholic fermentation 15ºC to 16ºC;
- Assemblage - Chardonnay and Pinot Noir blend;
- Tartaric stabilization by cold;
- Filtration;

- Inoculation of selected yeasts - tirage liqueur;
- Bottling;
- Second fermentation inside the bottle under 12ºC;
- Maturation for 24 months with yeast autolysis;
- Remuage in pupitres;
- Degorgement, addition of expedition liqueur, corking and labeling.

Analytical report
Alcohol: 12%
Total Acidity: 84 meq/L of tartaric acid
Volatile acidity: 2 meq/L acetic acid
Density: 0.990
Dry Extract: 21 g/L
Total/Free SO2: 86.5 / 16.2 mg/L
Total sugars in glucose: 1.01 g/L
pH: 3.11
Pressure: 5.5 kg/cm2