Casa Valduga
2017 | 750ml

Famigla Valduga’s wine industry vocation came to life in the middle of Vale dos Vinhedos, which was called Via Leopoldina over a century ago. We were moved by the desire to prosper and to take from the soil just enough to live with dignity. Respecting the terroir and understanding that each strand of grape develops differently are the roots that sustain the development of our great history. A relentless search for the true identity of each plot of land, studying them in detail, motivates us to seek the best results. Our understanding that a wine’s soul is linked to climate, soil, topography, and ongoing wind changes made us create the Terroir line of products. We appreciate the potential of each varietal cultivated in the most relevant wine-producing regions of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
However, we know that the "wine world" gives us infinite possibilities, so the Famiglia Valduga dared to explore another Terroir, in this case, the Maule Valley, one of the most traditional Chilean wine regions.

  • Dry Red Wine
  • Syrah
  • 6 months in the Cellar
  • Cauquenes - Maule - Chile
  • 8 months in French Oak Barels
  • 16º to 18ºC
  • Guard from 6 to 8 years. Provided it is maintained in the right conditions for full development.
  • 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Creamy cheeses, Boeuf au poivre and Pasta with pomodoro sauce.

Vision: Resplendent purplish red of medium intensity.

Smell: The scent of attack reveals a fruity profile, evidencing black fruits. An example of this is the intense notes of blackberries, blueberries, and fresh plums. Complementing the range of aromas and adding clarity to the sample, the notes of black pepper and curry, characteristic of the Syrah varietal, transfer complexity to the whole. The 8 months in French oak barrels appear harmoniously and elegantly, culminating in the subtle presence of cocoa, leather and tobacco.

Palate: Of medium body, the great highlight is the delicacy of the tannins, proving the full ripeness of the fruit. Acidity and alcohol content complement each other synergistically. Long, full and with fresh finish and full of spices.

Technical sheet

- Final selection of the bunches; 
- Destemming of fresh grapes; 
- Pre-fermentative cold maceration for 48 hours; 
- Use of selected yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae; 
- Alcoholic fermentation with temperature from 24º to 25ºC; 
- Remontages and delations during 12 days of maceration of the skin; 
- Malolactic fermentation; 
- Maturation for 8 months in French oak barrels; 
- Tartaric stabilization; 
- Bottling; 

Analytical report
Alcohol: 14ºGL
Total Acidity: 6,37 g/L of acid tartaric
Density: 0,993
Dry extract: 31,70 g/L
SO2 Total | Free: 0,078 | 0,025 g/L
Total sugars: 2,75 g/L
pH: 3,55

Soil and Climate
Vineyards grown in the Cauquenes microterroir, located in the western Maule Valley. Region of deep soils, alluvial and granitic, with temperate climate of strong maritime influence. During the fruit ripening period the days are hot and sunny and cold at night, giving great thermal amplitude.