20 anos
Brandy XX

The Brandy XX years was elaborated from a selection of Trebbiano grapes from the family vineyards. After the elaboration of the base of white wine, the first batch distillation in copper pot still, was carried out by slow distillation for 10 hours. Using the first distillate, a second distillation was performed, too slow, which is separate head and tail of the heart liquid. The heart, nectar, was kept in French oak barrels for its highest expression for 20 years.

  • Distilled
  • Trebbiano
  • Vale dos Vinhedos
  • 20 years in French Oak Barrels
  • 18º to 25ºC

Smell: Outstanding olfactory intensity, it reminds chocolate and vanilla by maturation in oak barrels.
Taste: Soft and pleasant with hints of almonds and hazelnuts.  
Sight: Golden, clear and bright amber.

Technical sheet
Clone Varietal: VCR 8
Rootstock: Paulsen 1103
Terroir: Vale dos Vinhedos

- White wine Preparation
- First distillation:
Using fresh unfiltered wine
Cooper Alembic
Slow distillation from 8 to 10 hours
- Second distillation:
Using the first distillation distillate
Cooper Alembic
Slow distillation and separation of head, heart and tail
- Aging
Aging in French oak barrels for15 years old
- Bottling

Analytical report
Alcohol: 40%
Total Acidity: 5,4 g/ 
Volatile Acidity: 0,6 g/l
Density: 0,948
SO2 Total/Free: 6,5/5,4 mg/l
Total Sugars: 4,61 g/l
pH: 3,4