15 anos
Brandy XV

Made from grown fermented grapes and then distilled in a copper alembic, the refined and luxurious Brandy Casa Valduga shows its best expression with XV years of aging in French oak barrels.
  • Distilled
  • Trebbiano
  • Vale dos Vinhedos
  • 15 years in French Oak Barrels
  • 18º to 25ºC

  • Gold - -
    Gold Concurso Internacional de Vinhos do Brasil | Brasil | 2008 -
Technical sheet
Clone Varietal: VCR 8
Rootstock: Paulsen 1103
Terroir: Vale dos Vinhedos

- White wine Preparation
- First distillation:
Using fresh unfiltered wine
Cooper Alembic
Slow distillation from 8 to 10 hours
- Second distillation:
Using the first distillation distillate
Cooper Alembic
Slow distillation and separation of head, heart and tail
- Aging
Aging in French oak barrels for15 years old
- Bottling

Analytical report
Alcohol: 39%
Total Acidity: 0,54 g/l
Volatile Acidity: 0,12 g/l 
Density: 0,995
Dry Extract: 27 g/l
Total Sugars: 8,8 g/l
pH: 3,95