Casa Valduga
Gran Reserva Late Harvest
NV | 500 ml

The Casa Valduga Naturelle Gran Reserva Late Harvest embodies - in an iconic manner - the concept of the most elegant Sweet wine line in Brazilian winemaking. Its profile is sophisticated, balanced, and reflects nuances and characteristics of a great wine, crafted with talent, precision, technology, and passion. Late Harvest is one of the main methods for producing dessert wines. The technique involves harvesting the ripest Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Gewurztraminer grapes later, when they concentrate even more sugars. The harvest is done manually, and the selection of the grapes is rigorous to ensure that all are at the ideal ripeness before moving on to the fermentation stage. Finally, aging in French oak barrels for 36 months ensures delicacy on the palate and an incredible aromatic profusion.
  • Fine White Wine
  • Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewurztraminer
  • Serra do Sudeste
  • Aged 36 months in French Oak
  • Serve at 10° to 12°C
  • Pairs well with cantuccini biscuits, semi-bitter chocolates, citrus or fruit-based desserts, and dried fruits such as figs, raisins, and apricots. It

Appearance: It presents a golden-amber color, clear and bright. With abundant tear formation, it indicates the structure that the wine possesses.

Bouquet: In aroma, it brings notes of candied orange and apricots, soon permeated by nuances of honey, nuts, floral touches, as well as spices like vanilla, cloves, and cinnamon. With evolution in the glass, delicate hints of toasted almonds are revealed.

It brings a lot of delicacy on the palate, despite its dense body; elegant, complex, and intense, it is a true nectar that balances sweetness and acidity. Unctuous and with a lot of mouth volume, it is an excellent aperitif.

Technical sheet
Grape Varieties: ENTAV 95 | ENTAV 95 | INRA 47
Rootstock: 3309 | Paulsen 1103 | 3309
Production System: Vertical Shoot Positioning (VSP)
Density/ha: 4,000 plants
Pruning Type: Spur-Pruned Cordon | Sylvoz
Bud Load/ha: 40,000
Viticultural Practices: Arching of branches, shoot thinning, topping, leaf thinning around clusters, cluster thinning for production control. Sustainable and precision viticulture, respecting the environment.
Harvest: Manual and selective.

- Final selection of overripe grape clusters;
- Destemming of fresh grapes;
- Pressing;
- Use of selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast;
- Alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 14º to 15ºC;
- Fermentation interruption by cold;
- Aging for 36 months in French oak barrels;
- Bottling and labeling.

Analytical report
Alcohol: 12.0
Total Acidity: 7.35g/L of tartaric acid
Volatile Acidity: 0.50mg/L acetic acid
Density: 1045
Dry extract: 154.5
So2 Total | Free: 210.5 | 41.5
Total sugars in glucose: 120.0
pH: 3.13
Pressure: 3.13