Casa Valduga - Desde 1875

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Casa Valduga - Desde 1875
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Maria Valduga

The current Maria Valduga Restaurant was initially a small wine shop belonging to Luiz Valduga, where the Valduga brothers took their first steps in winemaking. Such arduous labor required a bountiful table, which Dona Maria, matriarch of the family, insisted on preparing with typical Italian delicacies.

Dona Maria's recipes then started reaching tourists who, besides getting to know the winery, sought to experience a taste of the history and cuisine. Based on the idea of receiving everyone well, the current restaurant pays homage to the precursor of enocuisine in Vale dos Vinhedos, in the same style as Maria: abundant, simple and delicious.

The first barrels where the wine used to mature, today serve as a remembrance of the Italian origins. In the midst of this setting, full of stories, one long table unites all those wishing to experience the family spirit and fellowship.

The restaurant, lined with historical basalt rocks, has an elegant and cozy style. The typically Italian menu offers: galeto ao primo canto (spring chicken dish famous in Rio Grande do Sul), pork ribs and a variety of homemade pastas.

Ambiente Principal

Main Room

Holds 80 people

The locale combines the rusticity of the basalt rock with a contemporary decoration, which is pleasing to the eye and further enhances the Italian cuisine. This pleasant and elegant setting features a cooled wine cellar displaying the main labels of Casa Valduga and is suitable for a business lunch as well as a romantic dinner for two.

Ambiente Superior

Upper Room

Holds 70 people

This locale is graced with tables made from wine barrels once used by the family in the winemaking process. Two 1500-liter barrels are also part of the decor.


Hall 1875

Holds 180 people

This spacious and structured venue for corporate events and large receptions invests the same care in preparing dishes and serving guests as the other locales.

Cave das Pipas

Barrel Room

Holds 50 people

This locale, where the family started preparing and producing its wines, is rustic and packed with history. It features one long table, surrounded by centuries old barrels, with lighting that enhances the atmosphere.

Open for lunch daily from 12 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
The service is presented in a slow food version and has a minimum duration of 1h30.
For dinner please check the days of service and availability.
All spaces can be used for business events, meetings and family gatherings, upon reservation.

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Alex Dominici

Fantastic restaurant, very tasty and good with a delicious pasta sequence. Also it has priceless pork ribs. Perfect staff.

*Comment taken from the site TripAdvisor

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Typically Italian

Combining the best in terms of quality and personality of typically Italian cuisine, the Maria Valduga Restaurant offers specialties such as homemade pastas, prepared on site and served with simply prepared, elegant sauces. The vegetables and condiments are grown in the organic vegetable garden located on the property, providing healthy foods with a unique flavor. The spring chicken and pork ribs are part of the menu of local meats. The rich menu ends with the traditional desserts of panna cotta and sagu, prepared with a special wine for the most popular dessert of the house.

Culinária Típica Italiana 1
Culinária Típica Italiana 2
Culinária Típica Italiana 3
Culinária Típica Italiana 4

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+55 (54) 2105.3154 or

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Wine Pairing

Under the direction of Italian chef, Franco Gioelli, the wine pairing dinners at Casa Valduga seek to match the wine and its taste properties to different dishes, enhancing the characteristics of both and creating an extremely pleasant sensory experience.

*A special new menu is developed for each Wine Pairing Dinner.

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Jantares Harmonizados 3
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+55 (54) 2105.3154 or


Pedro Cipullo

Excellent treatment, tasty dishes and the possibility of matching them with the winery's wines, make all the difference. Unmissable!

*Comment taken from the site TripAdvisor

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At Casa Valduga, the day begins with a delightful blend of tastes. The homemade breads, cakes and biscuits prepared daily in the bakery located on the complex are even more scrumptious when accompanied by the sparkling wine served at breakfast. On weekends, you can enjoy the morning to the sound of a piano.

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