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Casa Valduga - Desde 1875

External celebrations

For those who have always dreamed of saying the long awaited “Yes” in an elegant and sophisticated environment, Casa Valduga Enoturistic Complex is the ideal place. The large garden is an incredible setting for wedding album photographs.

Celebrações Externas 1
Celebrações Externas 2
Gramado 1
Gramado 1


Next to the largest sparkling wine cave in Latin America is located one of our spaces for wedding ceremonies, the lawn. Ideal for couples wishing to get married outdoors, surrounded by all the romanticism and charm that the winery provides.


Is there anything more charming than a tunnel surrounded by century-old vineyards? At Casa Valduga, couples who share their love of wine can hold their wedding ceremony in this charming setting.

Ruínas 1
Ruínas 1


For romantic brides who dream of having a wedding worthy of a fairy tale, the ruins of the old canteen are the perfect spot!


Rustic and romantic: hold your ceremony in one of our pergolado. Also located next to our cellars, pergolados are great options for outdoor mini-weddings.




Our spaces have all the necessary infrastructure to carry out your event:

  • Parking;
  • Ordinance;
  • Accommodation - Inn with 24 accommodation;
  • Indoor air-conditioned rooms;
  • Toilets;
  • Restaurant with typical Italian menu;
  • Menus prepared by the Italian chef Franco Gioelli;
  • Cleaning and organization of the environment before and after the event;
  • Internet WI-FI;
  • Support team throughout the event.

Photographic Essays

Here you will find the most charming places for your pre-wedding photos, 15 years, graduation, pregnant, commercial and family. Clicks can be carried out in our wine cellars and sparkling or outdoors. Come and see our spaces!

Ensaios Fotográficos

Lembrancas Personalizadas

Customize your wedding keepsake

Hold your event at one of the best wineries in the country and still gift your guests with a personalized souvenir inspired in the world of wine.

  • Sparkling wines and wines in traditional versions,
    187ml (wine) and 375ml (sparkling wine);
  • Products from the Famiglia Valduga portfolio.


Chalana Piva Larentis

Everything was great for me and the feedback I had from the guests. I can only thank, especially you and everyone here at Villa Valduga for the beautiful location, preparation, reception and service.

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Photo Gallery


Taise e Luiz Henrique Rigon

We really want to thank your work, everything was great. Everyone liked the menu, the environment and the service.

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