Cabernet Sauvignon Chile
2019 | 750ml

Everything in nature has its origin. We ransomed from our history what brought us here. This wine represents our evolution, what moves us, our originality.
  • Dry Red Wine
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 6 months in the Cellar
  • Central Valley - Chile
  • 14º to 16ºC
  • Grilled Red meats, pastas, risottos and soft cheeses.

Vision: Violaceous red, intense and shiny.

Smell: It is intense and lively, with predominance of fresh fruits like raspberry and cherry, accompanied by delicious nuances of spices.

Palate: The fruity profile is confirmed on the palate, where the softness of the tannins is perfect with an acidity.

Technical sheet
Clone Varietal: R5
Rootstock: Paulsen 1103
Production System: Simple trellis
Density / ha: 4,000 plants
Type of Pruning: Cordon sloped catch
Load Gems / ha: 80.000
Winegrowing Practices: sprouting, topping, defoliation in the area of clusters and clusters thinning for production control.
Harvest: Manual and selective.

- Final selection of clusters;
- Stalk of fresh grapes;
- Discontinuous and gentle pressing;
- Static cleaning of the must;
- Use of selected yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae;
- Alcoholic fermentation with temperature from 15º to 16ºC;
- Tartaric stabilization;
- Filtration;
- Bottling.

Analytical report
Alcohol: 12%
Total Acidity: 5,17 g/l de tartaric acid
Density: 0,994
Dry Extract: 28,40 g/l
SO2 Total | Free: 79,2 | 29,1 g/l
Total Sugars: 2,6 g/l
pH: 3,54