Frisante Rosé
2020 | 750ml

Naturelle represents the history of the Famiglia Valduga and the legacy of past generations. It is a revival of everything beautiful and simple. These are the deepest roots, the strongest foundations and the sweetest inspiration
  • Sparkling Smooth Rosé
  • Muscat Hamburg, Malvasia and Muscat Blanc
  • Vale dos Vinhedo
  • 6 a 8°C
  • Blue cheeses, sweets, fruit, desserts and light dishes

Appearance: Intense pink, clear and bright. With delicate bubbles, characteristic of this type of product.

Bouquet: Intense, hints of flowers, red berries and tropical fruits.

: A creamy effervescence, delicately sweet, light bodied and refreshing.

  • Gold -
    Gold w
  • 86 pontos  -
    86 pontos Guia Adega | Brasil | 2020
Technical sheet
Production System: Simple Espalier
Density / ha: 4000 plants
Pruning Method: Spurred Cordon
Yield / ha: 80,000
Vineyard Processes: Removing buds, shoots, leaves around the bunches, thinning bunches to control production.
Harvest: Manual and selective

- Sorting of the bunches;
- Destemming fresh grapes;
- Maceration / Cold Soaking;
- Discontinuous and gentle pressing;
- Cold static cleaning of must;
- Use of select Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts;
- Alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 14º to 15ºC;
- Tartaric stabilization;
- Filtration;
- Carbonation;
- Bottling

Analytical report
Alcohol: 8.5%
Total Acidity: 5.85 g/l of tartaric acid
Density: 1.012
Dry Residue: 62 g/l Total
SO2: 118 mg/l
Free SO2: 26.7 mg/l
Total sugar, as glucose: 42 g/l
pH: 3.31